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The Botany has been a sweet journey that’s involved every member of the family. Right from the outset with a desire to raise strong, brave and confident young women, Francesca and her husband invited their two daughters to play a role in the family business. Though just 9 & 3 years of age, they both know their creativity, ideas and suggestions are highly valued.

Raised on a hobby farm in the rural outskirts of Sydney, Fran remember the way my grandfather would fortify the earth with volcanic ash. It not only produced the most amazingly tasty fruit and veg, but it meant the plants would be more tolerant against pests, reducing the need to use chemicals.

More a lifestyle than a brand, The Botany is a return to purity, and there’s no better place on earth that encapsulates this like the pristine natural landscape of Australia. Australia boasts an array of ingredients and native botanicals that should be deeply cherished and recognised for their nourishing benefits.

From the outback, to the rainforest, to the coast, The Botany's ingredients have been mindfully sourced, wild harvested and grown in their natural habitat, without the use of chemicals.

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